Molecular Diagnostics & Oncogenomics

Traditional portrayals of cancer are being superseded by a new framework classification that look into the chromosomal aberrations, genetic abnormalities and molecular derangement of malignant tumors due to the advances in gene sequencing.

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Key Services

MODERN oncogenomics endorses this transformation in cancer diagnosis and treatment through the cutting edge application of genomics. The key to our mission is the identification of the need of diagnostic assay that address specific current problem in cancer therapy that are optimally achieved by a concerted “team science” approach.

Our Key Services

Sanger/RT PCR based services: Oncogenomics, Infection Disease (Qualitative & quantitative), Genetic disorders.

NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) based Services:

BRCA Panel, NIPT, Lung cancer panel, CRC Panel, Neuro Panel, Leukemia Panel etc.


Other Services

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