X-ray Centre in Gurgaon - An X-ray examination creates images of human internal organs or bones to determine any diagnosed conditions or injuries. Special machines emit (put out) a small amount of ionizing radiation. This radiation passes through the human body and is captured on a special device to produce an image of your intern structure. Since 1952, the Narula Diagnostics Centre has operated the Best X-Ray Centre in Gurugram, Haryana with a strong network of fully automated labs and High Tech Equipment and Technology.

The dose of X-Ray radiation the body receives relies on the area of the body being examined. When you get an X-ray medical test in the X-ray Centre in Gurgaon, a smaller body part like your hand receives less radiation than a larger area such as the spine. On average the amount of radiation you get from an X-ray test is similar you might naturally receive from the environment in a week.

Digital X-ray Centre in Gurgaon

Why X-ray Medical Tests are Conducted

X-Ray used since 1895, is a common way to see inside the human body without surgery. The term “X-Ray” stands for “X-Radiation”, this non-invasive procedure is widely used worldwide to look at bones, tissues, and ligaments. Here are the benefits of the X-Ray Test:

  • X-ray Test is a non-invasive procedure which means that you will not suffer from any pain or live with scars for the rest of your life.
  • X-rays can help guide medical professionals in removing tumors and clots as well.
  • Often X-ray shows unexpected results, For example, doctors examine broken bones but they find tumors, clots of which they could not be aware.
  • X-ray Centre in Gurgaon offer digital X-ray tests free from harmful radiation. They are also more cost-efficient and time-saving and are quickly available to study.
  • X-rays are valuable in emergencies for immediately identifying diagnosed conditions or injuries.
  • It is essential for medical research and education, helping in the understanding of anatomy and pathology.

How X-Rays Work

When you get an X-ray test in Gurugram, a small amount of radiation enters your body. In the old days, this went onto a special film but now in the modern era, it often goes to the latest device that makes an electronic picture. Generally, bones block the radiation so the healthy bones look white and grey. On the other side, radiation easily goes through air space so you long look black in the X-ray report.

  • X-Ray Passing Through Body.
  • X-rays interact differently with various tissues.
  • X-Ray creates an electronic image based on this information.
  • It helps in creating black and grey images of calcium bones.
  • Create a Dark image of soft tissues
  • Create a detailed image of the internal structure of the body.

Precautions With X-Ray Examinations

We know that the discovery of X-rays is beneficial for not only the healthcare industry but also for common people. It is a popular medical machines that help with regular examination, diagnosis, and even medical production.  Before a medical test, you have to follow some instructions such as:

  • Generally, advised for pregnant women to inform about their pregnancy to the healthcare provider before the test in the X-ray Centre in Gurgaon.
  • To minimize the unnecessary exposure to radiation patients have to shield areas of the body that are not being imaged.
  • Other people who are not involved in the X-ray procedure maintain a safe distance from the X-ray source to reduce their radiation exposure.
  • Accurate positioning of the patient is important to ensure that the X-rays target the intended area properly.
  • X-Ray Healthcare experts strive to keep the exposure time as short as possible.
  • The X-ray machine is adjusted to focus on specific areas to overcome unnecessary radiation.

Advice for Patients After Attending An X-ray

After the X-ray test in  Gurgaon you can get dressed( if you changed out of your clothes) and wait for further instructions and guidelines that are provided by a medical expert. A professional radiologist will clarify the X-ray images. The result(report, electronic images) sent to your doctor, so you will need to make a follow-up appointment:

  • Digital X-ray examinations in Gurugram do not require any recovery time, you easily do your normal business.
  • If an X-ray uses a special dye for a closer look, the radiographer will give you specific instructions and guidelines  This involves drinking more water.
  • The treatment you will get depends on your X-ray check and result.
  • If you have any doubts regarding the X-Ray test don’t hesitate to ask the question to healthcare staff of Narula Diagnostics Centre X-ray Centre in Gurgaon.

Get Accurate X-Ray Test Report at Narula Diagnostics Centre

Narula Diagnostics Centre was established in the year 1952, that served over 7+ crore patients. It provides NABL-certified X-Ray test Services an an affordable package price. The X-ray center in Gurugram is backed by skilled medical professionals who use advanced technology and equipment in their labs to create accurate X-Ray reports. With the highest quality of imaging and image interpretation, the department provides quick and precise diagnostic reports. You can schedule your appointment with us if you are looking for X services nearby. Apart from this we offer 2500+ Healthcare test under one roof for all age groups.
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