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Six decades ago, there was an exigent call for diagnostic facilities in Haryana. This is why'Narula Clinic' was established in 1952. Today, medicine is advancing by leaps and bounds. New technologies and newer tools are being developed for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Many new medical and diagnostic centers have sprung up in the last decade but, most of these do not have the resources and infrastructure to provide the latest in technology to the patients. Keeping one step ahead 'NARULA CLINIC' has decided to offer all these latest tech based diagnostic services under the name and style of Narula Diagnostic at our Civil Road and Medical Mor sites in Rohtak, Haryana. Narula Diagnostic is providing services related to Open MRI, CT Scan, 4D Volumetric Ultrasound, Whole Body DEXA Bone Densitometer, Digital Mammography, Digital OPG, Digital X-Rays, Auto-Analyzer for Biochemistry, Immunoassay Analyser for special tests, Computerized ECG and much more.....

1. Dr. Arun Kumar Narula (M.B.B.S, D.M.R.D, M.D, F.I.A.M.S) is the Chief consultant Radiologist and Sonologistis; President : Indian Radiological and imaging Association, Haryana State. President IMA (Indian Medical Association) Rohtak Branch.

2. Dr. (Mrs.) Anita Narula (M.B.B.S, M.D, F.I.A.M.S) is the Chief Consultant Pathologist and Microbiologist;

3. Dr.Apoorv Narula (M.B.B.S, M.D ) is Consultant Radiologist and Sonologist is Gold Medalist;

4. Dr (Mrs.) Isha Narula (M.B.B.S, M.D) is Consultant Radiologist and Sonologist is from A.I.I.M.S (Delhi) are fully committed to provide the people of Haryana with most modern diagnostic facilities under these firms.

We are a group of devoted experts involved in offering ultra-modern analytic features to the individuals of Rohtak, Haryana. In the extremely particular world of medication today, one needs particular credentials and encounter for different areas such as radiology, pathology, Neurology etc. At Narula Diagnostic we have fulltime Radiologists, Pathologists, Neurologist, Cardiologist health and fitness advisor each with adequate encounter in their particular area. Complete quality control and extremely performance are the primary of success in any area diagnostics. In our group, we have extremely knowledgeable individuals who take care of the day-to-day control making the particular physicians free to focus on analysis.

( Mission & vision )

At Narula, we are guided by our vision and philosophy of:

Offering reliable and accurate diagnostic services to our customers, at affordable prices, in a customer centric manner. Keeping pace with the technological advances in diagnostics and offering our customers access to the latest developments in diagnostic medicare. Complying with the most stringent quality and ethical norms and ensuring a human touch to our services.

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