Narula Diagnostic Patient Safety


At Narula Diagnostic, the protection of individual and the top quality is of highest concern without don't succeed.

CONTRAST MEDIA:We use the best available comparison press on our sufferers which gets accepted by our radiologists before being applied to the sufferers. We use Non‐ionic comparison press with very low situations of side effects.

MRI SAFETY: To protect sufferers or their guests before coming into the MRI examine out space, they have to go through three examine stages. This is done to prevent any incidents that could cause to damage to the affected person.

LOW DOSE RADIATION: Optima 660 CT check out is the latest in the field and produces low amount rays. The heart check out component decreases the rays contact with less than 50%‐80% in evaluation to other accessories.

AERB GUIDELINES: The protection rule highlighted by AERB (Atomic Energy Regulating Board) to ensure rays protection, accessibility to RSO (Radiation Safety Officer) & certified employees to deal with the X‐Ray equipment, is being managed at Narula.

FIRE SAFETY: Narula is well prepared with all the necessary Flame Protection accessories. The Flame safety Leaves & programs in situation of any fire catastrophe, have been shown wherever necessary for the protection of our sufferers and employees.

SAFE & QUALITY DRUGS: Our Anesthesiologists have having access to all the Urgent medication needed to assist the affected person. The medication used are regularly examined for their expiration schedules and kept at the preferred temperature.